Since Sep. 2003


The 29th Infantry are one of the UK's biggest American re-enactment groups. We are always on the look out for dedicated individuals who share our passion for the American Infantry during WWII. Below is a list of our members by rank order.

Capt. George Galbraith (CO)

1st Lieutenent Dave Batten (Admin)

Tech Sgt. Paul Galbraith
Sgt. Stirling Hart (Treasurer)
Sgt. Darren Clarke

Cpl. Simon Lewis
Cpl. Neil Young
Cpl. Jonathan Moore
Cpl. Rob Keay
TCpl George Fowler (Unit Quartermaster)
TCpl. Dave Wastell (Unit Chef)

Pfc. Mark Lambert
Pfc. Kevin Nye
Pfc. Corwin Bainbridge

Pvt. Bob Taylor
Pvt. Micheal Clarke
Pvt. Simon Royston
Pvt. Scott Lucking
Pvt. Ian Campbell
Pvt. Chris Oakley
Pvt. Jon Flat
Pvt. Rob Gurman
Pvt. Clive Grimsby
Pvt. Rod Shack
Pvt. Jay Sandmann

We are a nationwide based unit, with members up and down the country. Below is a map of where some of our current members are from so don't be put off joining if you feel you live too far away to do anything!

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