Since Sep. 2003


Below is a list of filmwork we have done. We have taken part in various productions for television and are actively involved with various magazines. We are available for both filmwork and photo sessions, so if you would like to contact us about it please use the 'Contact Us' page here.

Summer of 44
Recorded: 4th & 5th October 2003
Aired on: April - June 2004, ITV 1 Meridian only

We filmed 'Summer of 44' in the Beaulieu/East Boldre area of the New Forest along with a group of 2nd Rangers and 1st Infantry Division re-enactors. We supplied a GMC and a jeep and filmed for 2 days, with excellent results. The last episode of this programme will be aired on D-Day itself, at 6pm.

For all of the photos from the day, please click here.

Secret History: Wartime Crime (Website)
Recorded: Saturday 7th April 2001
Aired on: Thursday 6th September 2001, Channel 4

Filming took place in Lewisham, London and we appeared in Class A uniform as extras. 'Secret History' was a series with different subjects, and we appeared in the episode 'Wartime Crime'.